Swimming Awards

We use the Amateur Swimming Association’s National Plan for teaching swimming template current edition (NPTS), as part of our teaching program.

The NPTS is a comprehensive and progressive teaching program upon sound technical and educational principles. The amateur swimming association (ASA) is the national governing body for swimming throughout England. .


This is the foundation phase of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS).

The foundation phase consists of five awards called Duckling Awards & the Adult & Child Award; these awards are designed to equip your child in basic water confidence at a young age before they are introduced to group lessons.

Duckling Awards

largeDucklingThe Duckling Awards are designed to help babies and toddlers explore and enjoy the fun of learning to swim. With the help of their parents/carers, the Duckling Awards support the National Plan for Teaching Swimming and help to develop and boost confidence of very young children, both in and out of the water.

Children participating in both these awards should be at least five months old and have completed his/her triple injection. The child must be accompanied by an adult while in the water (less than 1.5m deep), during teaching sessions and the test.

Adults and carers continue to accompany and support the child throughout each session and the child is rewarded at each stage with bright and colourful Awards. Buoyancy aids (including armbands, floats or a SwimFin etc) can be used in the first four grades as the child learns how to float and gets used to being in the water.

The fifth and final grade shows the confidence level of the young swimmers. They have to jump into the water, swim back to point of entry, submerge and blow bubbles, float and swim five metres – all without aid.

National Swim Award

This range of awards is the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS).

stagesThere are 10 stages in total, for each award to be gained; the participant will be required to achieve all outcomes of the stage, consistently over the duration of the swimming term, if the participant does not achieve all outcomes of the stage they will repeat the same stage the following term until all outcomes have been achieved consistently.

Puffin & Rainbow Distance Award

This comprehensive collection of distance awards ranges from five metres with a buoyancy aid (Puffin) through to 5,000 metres.

rainbow-awardThis range of awards is designed to motivate children to swim longer distances by increasing the distance gradually over the 19 Awards in the series. This helps young swimmers to develop their confidence, ability and stroke techniques along the way.